Is Your House Pet Friendly?

March 01, 2023

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For many, bringing a pet home is the same as bringing home a new member of the family. Pets easily find their way into our hearts with their playful antics and friendly companionship. When you first bring a new pet into your home it is imperative that you are willing to make some adjustments to your living space. Preparing your home and yard for your new pet is important to their well-being and your ease of mind. Cats and dogs are more likely to get into some mischievous fun, however, making your house pet friendly for all of the four-legged friends you might bring into your home is a good idea. Most of the pointers listed below will seem like common sense, however, when the new pet is roaming around it may slip our mind to check for common place hazards. Many times, we take for granted that things are safe or wouldn't interest animals. However, the puppy running down the hall with a roll of toilet paper would beg to differ!


When bringing a new pet to the home the last thing anyone wants to think about is cleaning and proofing their home. However, taking a little time to do so will prevent headaches and possible heartaches. It will keep your pet, prized possessions and your sanity intact. This is true whether you are bringing home a new pet or adjusting an older one to a new home. Or, perhaps, you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of losing possessions to a pet who has never had boundaries set up in your home. Whatever your reason, these tips will help proof your home for the new, old and mischievous pets in your life.

Think Below the Knees Get down on all fours and look around at the same level as your pet. There is a whole other world down at their viewpoint!

Playtime! Unless they are sleeping, or eating, they are playing!! Some tips to make this non-stop action fun and safe for both of you!

Road Blocks If they can't reach it, they can't eat it, scratch it, or all out destroy it!

Table Manners Don't feed table scraps to your pets. Many times people don't realize that some foods okay for us can be toxic or hard on the system for animals.

Some foods to be aware of: Alcohol, Chicken & Turkey Bones, Nutmeg, Apples (stems & seeds), Chocolate, Onion Apricots (seeds), Coffee (grinds & beans), Peaches (seeds), Avocados, Dairy Products (large amounts), Pears, Baking Powder, Fatty Foods, Plums, Baking Soda, Garlic, Potatoes (peelings & green), Broccoli (large amounts), Grapes, Raisins, Cherries (stems & seeds), Macadamia Nuts, Yeast **Tobacco, although not a food, can be poisonous if ingested

Holiday Playground The holidays are fun for everyone - including your pets!

Home Alone What do they do when you leave the home? Preferably it doesn't involve eating the couch!

Cautionary tale on the restricted room - we placed one of our pups in a room in our house as we went out to get a bite to eat. There was no furniture in the room except for her crate with her toys. When we came back she had climbed out of the crate and chewed the metal blinds on the window and also proceeded to dig up part of the carpet!


Your yard is a fun place for you and your pet to enjoy the outdoors. Maintaining your yard for your pet is relatively easy. There are some hazards that you will want to watch for and prevent. Not all of your pets may enjoy your yard to its fullest, some may stay in pens or be restricted to their kennel/runs. The tips below address pets that have more freedom. These pets roam a fenced backyard or around the perimeter of your house (i.e. Dogs & Cats). In addition to proofing tips we offer some ideas about making your yard more enjoyable. Sometimes you may have a small space or areas you really don't want Fido to excavate. Read on for a checklist of ways to make your yard safe and entertaining for your pets.

Yard Maintenance When maintaining your yard you want to keep your pets in mind.

The Kingdom Your pets will make your yard into their own domain. Make sure their kingdom is safe and enjoyable.

Ideas for your Pet Friendly Yard Below are just a few suggestions to consider when improving your yard for your pet.

Pets are a wonderful addition to the family and home. Taking time to pet proof your house and yard will make both of your lives a lot easier. It may seem daunting at first that there are so many things to keep away from your pets or to prepare for a safe environment for your pets. However, after a while your pets will learn the house rules. You may even be able to reclaim certain areas of the house as your pet matures and understands not to destroy your things. For example, our dogs don't touch the laundry anymore and we can leave books on low shelves without them getting even a sniff of interest. You will find many of the hazards you watch out for will begin to do so naturally. Eventually you won't even realize your new habits. It is simply part of the lifestyle change that happens as it is always an adjustment to bring animals into our home. Just know that if you can be pro-active, you'll have far fewer headaches in the long run and in the end you will have great company and lots of fun!

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